Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ephesians Part 6

Ephesians 6:10-24

Theme: Stand firm in warfare.
Session goal: To create awareness on the incessant attack of the evil one which will continue until the day of Christ, and to discuss the spiritual warfare of believers and their need to make use of God’s resources for strength against such evil powers.
Target Group/ No of People: Young working adults (23-35 years old)/ 15 people

Outline: (Notes for Bible Study Facilitator are in Italics)


Many of the Ephesians believers had been worshippers of Artemis prior to their conversion. They depended on her for protection. In light of this, the Ephesus’ believers need to realise that in reality Artemis represented spiritual wickedness and Paul in Eph 6:10-20 discusses the spiritual warfare of believers and their needs to make use of God’s resources for strength against such evil powers.

1. Who are our enemies? Who are the rulers, authorities, powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms?

One of the church’s greatest demands is to discern between the spiritual struggle and other social, personal and political difficulties. We sometimes put too much effort wrestling with human adversaries instead of prayerfully warring against the invisible works of darkness behind the scenes.

2. List down all the six pieces of armour. What does each one signify? What is your strongest piece of spiritual armour? What is your weakest piece of armour? What can you do to strengthen your weak piece of armour?

Briefly explain the significance of each piece of armour. We need to be fully equipped, rather than just have the shield of faith but no helmet, or the sword without the belt of truth. Note: All the pieces of armour have connection with the word of God.

3. What is the mandate of putting the full armour of God? Is it an individual putting of the armour?

The exhortation in Ephesians are linked and directed both to individuals and to the corporate body. This is the dominant theme: the unity of believers thus the whole church is in the warfare together. As the Roman soldier did not fight alone, we too should stand against the spiritual wickedness in heavenly places as a united body. Our mandate in this context is to hold the ground and not to retreat in the face of wicked spiritual demonic powers.

4. Do we keep alert and pray always in all occasions? Have we been praying for all the saints that are in the same spiritual warfare with us? What should we pray for others? What does this suggest about your need of the prayers of other believers? Ponder on all the items we normally bring to God in prayer. Were they material gains? Were they selfish desires? Or were they like Paul, the boldness to declare the mystery of the gospel to all?

Pray together as a group for one another, and ask God to help you keep guard against the devil’s schemes. Pray also for boldness in speech and in deeds to preach fearlessly the gospel of Christ.


Many scholars believe that as the community of believers, we ought to step into the role of the Divine warrior to conquer the hostile powers. However, in Ephesians the body of believers does not appear to be portrayed in the imagery of an army who fight and conquer, rather are enjoined soldiers strengthened in the Lord to stand defensively (not conquer) against the schemes of the evil one. It is not only directed to individuals, but Paul had in mind the community concept. The church as a whole must put on the full armour of God. Prayer causes alertness and alertness keeps believers in prayer. If we are not alert and soften our guard of the evil one, we are blind to dangers and thus see no reason for prayer. We must be enveloped with prayer at all times and be alert with all persistence and petition.


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